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Tony refers to it as "Pulling a Heston " in a reference to Planet of the harbor freight online coupon Apes (1968).
This is also played with when one of the team members (usually McGee) drinks or spills Gibbs' coffee, leaving them stammering, sputtering, and scrambling to get him a fresh cup.
Robert Miller: Hab SoSli quch!Also, as early as season one, Gibbs had a vision of Kate being shot by Ari.Why don't you find me an answer?" "Is that a fact, Character?" Tony, McGee: "On it, boss." Abby: "I hate it when he/she/they does/do that." Gibbs' "Never apologize; it's a sign of weakness" is used by multiple characters over the course of the series.Finally, if Shannon and Kelly had survived, Gibbs would've stayed in the Marines and eventually die in combat.They do this by "accidentally" leaking where Gibbs and his father are, and allowing the official to find out that she'd been "killed." The plan, however, required him to arrive while the sister was searching the safehouse, and to react to that news by shooting.Plucky Comic Relief : roamans coupon codes november 2017 Tony in the first few seasons.Urban Legend Love Life : Tony, starting in season five.
Tragic Keepsake : Ziva's orange cap; it's a reminder of the victim from "Dead Man Walking".

He's afraid of what Wendy might tell Ziva about him.Screaming Birth : In "We Build, We Fight the birth of Jimmy and Breena's daughter happens off screen.Mallard in the episode "Meat Puzzle".Patrick Labyorteux reprised the role of Bud Roberts 11 years since last playing him on JAG.And her backup weapon (revolver in ankle holster).Season 12's "Check where the Big Bad taunted Gibbs by replicating the murders of Jenny Shepherd (occurred in Season 5 Mike Franks (occurred in Season 8 and capped it off by luring Gibbs and ex-wife Diane to a rooftop.JAG ( which in addition to the parent series military theme and occasional, spy Drama also leaped on the, forensic Drama bandwagon started.