world cup sweepstake template 2014

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These files are provided for free and must remain.(click on picture for larger view) Go to Top Simple Questionnaire to help focus testing and development of Excel Templates; World Cup 2014 Danger Men Game : Advertisements.Create your own mini competitions with your office workers / college friends using the 20 predictions slots!Once you're ready, you can start your own sweepstake at work, at home or down the pub.Simply click the "Download NOW" buttons.

Italy, 28-1, england, Uruguay, 33-1, portugal, Holland, Chile, 66-1, bAR.File should also work on all Excel versions from 2003.Get together with family or workmates and run a World Cup sweepstake.Click here to download your copy to print out.Keep a record of who got who on the BetBright Selection Sheet by writing each persons name beside the team they picked out.It's a fun way for you and your friends to follow the tournament in Brazil - and have someone else to support when England inevitably bomb out in the quarter-finals (on penalties, of course).Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.Macros must be enabled.NO Passwords will be issued for any Files on this or related SmartCoder247 sites (No request for file passwords will be answered).Office pools/sweepstakes summary Click on Pictures for larger view Quick Video guide here * File change log here Disclaimer Files on this website are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.
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