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There's no explanation of how they get food and water.
In a twist on the comics, the freak accident in his lab (lightning chemicals) is directly caused by another freak accident.T.A.R.
" Doppelgänger Due to the appearances of several alternate selves of several characters showing up due to the introduction of The Multiverse.
This is made even worse by the fact that the corresponding Arrow episode made no mention of this.Jay ends up taking Wally's place until such time as Barry can put Savitar back in prison.It's revealed much later in the season that "Jay Garrick" was a time remnant (a duplicate caused by time travel) of Hunter Zolomon, revealed to be the identity of Zoom, also played by Teddy Sears.One of Savitar's cultists mocks Barry to his face that his god will kill Iris in the future.The Trickster is all for it, but Cold refuses and even warns Barry about the other two, as Barry's friends previously saved his sister.Although "Grodd Lives" reveals that he's still alive, albeit under Grodd's thrall.Mathematician's Answer : Joe gives one when asked about the Flash's identity.He kidnaps Wally almost immediately after his defeat, with the condition that Barry gives up his speed the hot water tank rebate to Zoom.Civvie Spandex : Captain Cold is the first villain who has a themed outfit resembling his comics self - a blue parka with a thick fur-lined hood and goggles, on account of throwing around, y'know, cold.He murdered Nora Allen and framed her husband for the crime, significantly altering Barry's life and relationships.Its a fact which is repeatedly acknowledged by the characters themselves and by others (including no less than Barry's arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne).While he certainly could extract the computer set it up and sit in front of it to watch it, realistically he would still have to wait for the OS to boot, the browser to open and the feed to load.Promoted to Love Interest : Linda Park for Barry, as of "Crazy for You".After he was thwarted by the future Flash, Thawne lost his powers.
"The Nuclear Man" and "Fallout" culminate the Story Arc revolving around Firestorm that started back in "Flash.
Tom Felton, who plays Draco in the films, joined the cast as Julian Albert in Season.

Girder is Barry Allen's former childhood bully.Barry's whole deduction shows just how close the whole audience was to stumbling across the reveal ourselves.He can also shake his face back and forth to blur it to people who know him.He wants the three of them to team up and kill the Flash.In "Power Outage when Barry briefly loses his powers, he accesses the computer only to find no records of the Flash in the future.They're in the same clothes in which they were captured, with no known laundry facility.Except for when he loses his powers and Joe accidentally breaks his favorite mug from Iris.Didn't Think This Through : Eobard Thawne's plan to kill Barry as a 10 year old if he had been successful at he would've lost his connenction to the Speed Force.It is actually the star Labs vacuum cleaner with a bunch of LEDs stuck.You know all of it, right?
Also in "The Flash is Born Barry has to run faster than the speed of sound to hit Tony hard enough to damage him.