win a free tree house

Climbing walls are good, but ice climbing walls are better.
Here, complete the entry form and submit a photo of the tree or trees on your property to be home to the ultimate treehouse.
You May Like These Sweepstakes, tags: #TreehouseMasters, m/UltimateTreehouse.Website Entry, official Rules, tips to creating the Ultimate Entry Video.Sponsored by: Penguin Random House, giveaway dates: May 4 - May 29, 2017.I wedged myself in a corner and rode out the gusts.I now marched up the 45-degree ladder as if up a flight of stairs.The desire to build a tree house is also why you move to the suburbsso you can have a patch of land and a couple of trees where you can throw up some 2x4s and hang a pirate flag.
I brought along gloves and a curved pruning saw.

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I quickly fashioned a ladder out of wooden dowels and nylon rope.When I told them I needed something thin and light for a treehouse, they offered to plane the 3/4-inch stock down to 9/16 of an inch for a couple of pennies hot pepper eating contest rules more per foot, bringing the total price per lineal foot to 50 cents, one-third.Ultimate Treehouse Masters Giveaway, win the Ultimate Treehouse.A BBQ is available on the outside patio.He had a chain saw and loppers.And the ratcheted brake prevented the load from slipping backward.
If Jones, around the corner, has a zipline off his tree house, you build a bungee jump.