what is a gift certificate

A certificate worth a specified amount of sos swim shop discount code money, given as a gift amazon com coupon code 2015 to be redeemed at a particular store or business.
Questions about the law's application to particular cases should be directed to a specialist.Since most of the answers also have exceptions, be sure to read the entire answer.Can a gift certificate or gift card contain an expiration date?A gift certificate or gift card sold by a seller that seeks bankruptcy protection may have no value.However, this general rule is subject to the following exceptions: A gift card that can be used with multiple unaffiliated sellers of goods or services may contain an expiration date.You may also want to purchase a gift card for yourself from a business that you patronize regularly.13California Civil Code Section 1749.5(d 1).This fun office sales contests exception was modified effective January 1, 2005, to clarify that a redemption date was not another name for an expiration date.Tips FOR purchasers OF gift certificates OR gift cards Ask about the seller's redemption policy.19California Legislative Counsel, Opinion.
A gift certificate or gift card without an expiration date is valid until it is redeemed or replaced.

Permits the Bureau of the Fiscal Service and other organizations to offer this software to the public free of charge.Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.Can the holder of a gift certificate or gift card redeem it for cash?22 Where a seller accepts funds toward a gift certificate from one or more contributors as a gift for another person (the "recipient the seller must give each contributor a full refund of the amount paid toward the certificate if the time in which the.On the other hand, gift certificates and gift cards that can be used with multiple sellers that are not affiliated are not entirely covered by the gift certificate law.The gift certificate law requires the issuer of a gift certificate or gift card to honor it, but also limits that obligation to either redeeming the certificate or card in cash or replacing it with a new one.
27For example, a supermarket such as Safeway may sell Borders gift cards usable only for merchandise at Borders stores.