what is a contested divorce in georgia

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While some Temporary Protective Orders are valid and necessary for the protection of parties (or children others are used to gain an advantage.You or your attorney can prepare a settlement agreement with all the details and submit it to the judge.When the wife is the Plaintiff in an uncontested divorce, she normally asks for a restoration of her maiden name in the petition.If you file on fault grounds, such as adultery or abuse, Georgia law requires you to prove that your spouse is guilty of these actions.Children's Selection of Custodial Parent, most of the States allow children upon attaining a certain age to make an election as to the parent they want to live with.Unlike many states, George does not have a simplified or summary divorce; however, if both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the divorce, they can sign and file an Agreement.No one likes to be physically involved in someone else's divorce.In these cases, where an agreement is not reached when the Petition is filed, the Respondent must be sent a Summons, which informs him or her that the Petition has been filed and gives the party 30 days to respond.There are clients who request their spouse be served at work to embarrass them in front of their co-workers.If your children are old enough under the law of your jurisdiction to make this election, ask your attorney to file these affidavits/elections early in the case before the opposing side realizes they should have filed them.

Legal grounds for divorce include No-fault, which means an "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and 13 fault grounds, including 1) impotence, 2) adultery, 3) conviction and imprisonment for more than two years for an offense involving moral turpitude, 4) alcoholism and/or drug addiction, 5) confinement.The sad fact is for some clients, it did start 25 years ago and their emotional turmoil will appear endless.In Georgia, the person car raffles in michigan who files for divorce is called the Petitioner, and the person who responds is called the Respondent.It's these small things that enlighten you as to what type of divorce you are in for.The law does not permit a jury to decide issues of custody.Divorce can bring out the worst in parents.Depending on the behavior of the parties, your entire family will be consumed.Their life has become intertwined with yours and they are emotionally and financially dependent on you.The sheriff is only doing a job.