what does contested claim mean

Contest, a struggle for superiority: strife: debate.
It is rockauto discount code 10 percent 2015 certainly possible to handle the claim yourself and represent yourself, but there is an old saying for that, he odds of winning green card lottery who represents himself has a fool for a client and an idiot for a lawyer.If your claim is denied, you should request an Informal Hearing from the District Office for the town in which you were injured.Contested election, an election for a member of parliament or the like, where more than one competitor offer themselves.However, when a claim is contested, the workers compensation claim has essentially become a workers compensation case.State of Connecticut, workers' Compensation Commission, page last revised: May 21, 2001.Contestant, one who contests; Contesttion, the act of contesting: contest: strife: emulation.Contestri, to call to witness con, and testri, to be a witness testis, a witness.The saying is, of course, an oversimplification. .If you filed a workers compensation claim without the benefit of an attorney, and the employer or insurer has contested the claim, the best course of action is to hire a workers compensation attorney. .The group carrier must then provide whatever benefits your group policy offers, until the issue of compensability is resolved by a Commissioner at a Hearing.If your employer disputes your claim, you will need to prove that your injury or disease is work-related by producing evidence at an Informal Hearing (such as medical reports and statements by witnesses) to back up your claim.You can file for benefits under your group health insurance and/or disability program, if your claim is initially disputed.Whatever the reason, issues filed or a claim being contested is the time to try to hire a workers compensation attorney.

« Back to all FAQs.And you are likely a very intelligent person. .They might believe the injury is pre-existing, and not related to the work related injury. .To call in question or make the subject of dispute: to strive for.Contestable, adjective contestableness, noun contestably, adverb contester, noun contestingly, adverb precontest, verb (used with object) precontest, noun recontest, verb subcontest, noun supercontest, noun supercontest, verb (used with object) uncontestable, adjective uncontestably, adverb uncontested, adjective uncontestedly, adverb well-contested, adjective.Page URL: m, workers' Compensation Commission, disclaimer, Privacy Policy and.The employer or insurer might believe you were not hurt at work. .Issues can be filed for any number of reasons. .When issues are filed, the process of a contested claim is started. .
What does contested mean in law?