vince carter slam dunk contest it's over

Its a terrifically tantalizing thought.
For one thing, the Slam Dunk contest, after years in the wilderness has finally begun making a return to glory.The new millennium put the competition back on the map, as you can see the early birthday freebies sydney australia 2000s era of dunk contests was a lot more impressive than recent years.NEW york city, lets start with the bad news: Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Vince Carter will not be participating in the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk contest.Why dont they do the same with this?The video was posted to on October.(Oh and by the way, Coach, please throw us a lifeline: Could Vince win the 2017 Dunk Contest?But while Carter may be done with dunk contests, it doesnt mean hes done with the NBA.Smith made his dunk contest debut back in 2005, as a member of the New Orleans Hornets.Well, at least not yet, because theres still Paul Pierce, Ive had many battles with him, says Carter.Read: NBA Introduces Gatorade League To Replace D-League As New Farm System.With what these guys are doing now?It was absolutely jaw-dropping.Ive never even talked about.Im going to use Vince in every possible way that I can, Fizdale says.Dwight Howard 2008, superman is here.From Michael Jordan to Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins, many have electrified the stadium crowd for one of the best nights in sports history.

He called on fellow little man Spud Webb for help, as Nate dunked over the 57 Spud, who won the Dunk Contest back in 1986, paving the way for guys like Robinson.He had a killer vertical.Carter says Fizdale and the new coaching staff in Memphis has provided a different voice, a different look, for the Grizz, who over the summer parted ways with Dave Joerger after three seasons.He had a great nickname: "Vinsanity." And he had so many signature highlights, including two crown jewels.Despite being almost twice the age of the 21 year old Wiggins, Carter did exactly that, holding Wiggins to two points in the final period as Memphis won, 102-98.For whatever reason, it changed the game up for Wiggins a little bit.18 as well as the rest of your All-Star weekend!Its just like, golly, man, where has the time gone?Jones threw down an epic tomahawk slam off the bounce for a 50 point score, which is the highest you can receive.But hes smart, hes tough, hes long, and the other night it was working.Fred Jones 2004, freddy won the 2004 Dunk Contest against two-time defending champ Jason Richardson.
We all have no choice but to accept and acknowledge the passage of time.