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Credit Catalogues for people with Defaults, CCJs.Once you have placed your order from your new Catalogue all you need to do is make sure you make your repayments on time each month.Being reported for Fraud could see other Credit accounts such as Bank accounts you hold being closed.Once you have placed your order and its been accepted, keep up the repayments and you will most likely see a Credit Limit increase within 2-6 months.A lot of people with a Poor Credit rating have been accepted for a Catalogue through Credit4everyone.In fact, its not uncommon for Catalogue Credit Limits to increase very fast and pretty high in value when you manage your account well.So if you have lots of items to order avoid placing the all at take a break clicks win prizes once in your first order, choose one item (if possible under 150).Just like any form of Credit, its important that you stay within your Credit Limit and make your repayments on time each month.As we have said above, Keeping your first order low is going to improve your chances of success.You are best choosing a Catalogue from our Bad Credit Section if you have had previous credit problems like CCJs or Defaults.So please dont.Showing them that you are managing your other Credit well is going to help with Credit Limit increases.Its not going to improve your chances of success and it can lead to very serious problems.
You can even buy now and pay later with on a pay monthly Catalogue dedicated to Gifts ( including personalised gifts ).
In most cases, all of these checks are done within seconds using a Credit Check with a Licensed Credit Reference Agency.

Your application is going to be Subject to a few checks, These include Identity, affordability and Credit Checks.The Catalogue company will email or call you if they offer this option.You have already picked out several items (for example) A brand new pair of Designer Jeans, A top of the range Hoover, a new Shiny Washing Machine.Remember Credit Limits do often increase pretty fast and Catalogue companies are more than happy to dispatch larger items once they have seen good account conduct, such as regular payments made on time, as this limits the risk to them.Even if you have had previous credit issues you could still be accepted.The main purpose of setting such low credit limits is to see how you manage the account and how you make your repayments.Do not change your date of birth, Surname or time at address etc.
This is another advantage to a Catalogue account.
Please ensure you can afford to make the repayments before you apply, a Catalogue is a great tool to building or rebuilding your Credit rating, but only if used correctly.