union gas commercial rebates

For many homeowners, EnerGuide Ratings will be significant when it comes time to sell the property - in Ontario, this will become part of the real estate landscape.
The Smart Thermostat Rebate gives you an additional 100 when you purchase a Smart Thermostat.
Property owners must complete at least two of the qualifying renovations or upgrades.Electric water heaters will not qualify for the rebate.A homeowner must have an active Union fender guitar contest Gas account.Any upgrades that you install in your home make it more desirable to perspective buyers and that offers a distinct advantage over other homes in your area.You can only qualify for this rebate is you also participate in the Home Reno Rebate program, and only once you have completed their the final renovation assessment.Heating your home and water with natural gas can save you on average 2,000 2,400 per year compared to oil, propane or electricity.
For homeowners interested in making the most of the hrrp Rebate Program, the process is easy and straightforward.
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First step is to contact a Certified Energy Advisor like BSG (before doing any renovations).Barrier Sciences Group is licensed to perform EnerGuide Energy Audits under the auspices of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).If you qualify you can receive up to 5,000 in rebates, which includes up to 500 for both energy assessments.Improve your home with the right equipment to make it more energy efficient, and you could be eligible for up to 5,000 in rebates from Union Gas!Claimants must own a detached/semi-detached home; row/town house; mobile home.Installing brand new cathedral and/or flat roof insulation.You can check if you live in a Union Gas service area here.With rebate amounts surpassing 5,000, the hrrp offers up to 600 for the two energy audits required under the program (customers pay the HST).A professional energy assessment must be fulfilled before and after the reno/upgrade.Well even fill out the paperwork for you, send it to Union Gas, and touch base with the company for you in order to ensure you get all the of the rebates you are entitled.
Barrier Sciences Group Officially Licensed By Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).
To make use of the program the homeowner has some responsibilities to assume: The homeowner must ensure their own personal eligibility, they are responsible for hiring a Certified Energy Advisor, hiring a certified contractor, maintaining billing and meeting all deadlines.