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No rebate is granted with respect to accommodation fees or levies with regard to study material, copyright and computer usage.
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The document, obtained by a right to information request, was drafted in early April for a Service New Brunswick board of directors meeting and was released to CBC News late last month.
In addition to tuition and accommodation fees all international students have to pay an administration levy before or during registration.

Q: Can I study Debt Counselling at UP?The form must be accompanied by a copy of your identity document, the application fee as well as a copy of the academic record and certificate of conduct of the tertiary institution(s) at which you have studied or are registered at present.Please ensure that your studies at UP have been cancelled officially.Q: What is the closing date for postgraduate studies?Coverage under these plans extends from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.This discount is not available to major scholarship recipients or to dependents of university employees.Payment can also be made at any Bank of Montreal branch via First Bank Bill Payment Service using the attached form.The information recorded will be supplied to the relevant Universities and Universities of Technology to assist with the filling of places that might be available after students who applied on time have registered.For students on meal plans, this alleviates the stress of constantly budgeting meal card money, can a will be contested in scotland while for both plan holders and visitors, this means more flexibility to enjoy a personalized dining experience.
The link for Internal Application will appear in self-service under the Admissions section.