to sweep through

I need to sweep the kitchen.
"With Daesh coming under growing pressure, like we see today, we expect an increase in discount voucher code lenstore simple attacks carried out by individuals, but who also happen to have some sort of connection with organized groups and networks Petter Nesser told the Norwegian newspaper.
Nesser was the editor for a series of articles on European jihadism which was published in instant win amazon gift cards the journal.Jessie was swept along by the angry crowd.She swept the audience along with her.PST's threat assessment for 2017 lists Islamist extremism as the greatest threat facing Norway in the coming year.He was swept along by the crowd.The kitchen needs a good sweep.His eyes swept the horizon.Syn:breeze through, romp.The General's eyes swept the horizon.A storm swept across the plains.
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Sweeping all others aside, she pushed her way to the front.

Tropical fevers can sweep through whole populations in a remarkably short time.After Friday's terrorist attack in neighboring Sweden, where four people were killed and 15 injured, the Norwegian Police Security Service PST adjusted the probability of a terror in Norway from "possible" to "likely." At the same time, several police departments across the country were put on alert with reinforced weaponry."Checking organized communities in Norway is important, but it provides no guarantee against attack because they also have links with networks in other countries Petter Nesser said.Thunderstorms swept the country.Her dress promo coupon philippines swept the ground as she walked.Uncontrollable anger swept in on Paul when he learned how Jane had been treated.Perspectives on Terrorism, where Nesser's research colleague Thomas Hegghammer listed four main reasons why violent Islamism in Europe will only worsen in the near future.
According to Petter Nesser, violent Islamism is a phenomenon that crosses national borders, which makes the terrorist threat impossible to grasp entirely from a local perspective.
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