the voice contestants 2015 where are they now

Overall, Adam has the strongest group of 12 competitors.
What they need to do now is let their individual personalities show and show the audience what they can do with an up-tempo number.Even if shed been born 30 years ago (or 30 years from now Krista would still have a toys give away los angeles sound that moves people.The gimmick wasnt ever necessary.Jordan Smith Team Adam.Shelby Brown Team Adam.

Ellie Lawrence Team Gwen, her hoarse, raspy voice gives her a natural edge, but its what Ellie does with that tone that makes her stand out.His expressive, intimate voice and high register set him apart from the other male singers in the competition.A big belter who also has an interesting tone and perfect instincts when it comes to cherry picking her moments?The Voice and he plans on doing it again, but he's got some fierce competition.So, does this mean a win for Team Pharrell?Blake Shelton won last season.Head here for more details.She might be polarizing, but shes definitely one to watch.Her audition song, Ella Eyres We Dont Have to Take Our Clothes Off, was a smart choice: It allowed Ellie to tell a story that built up to a powerful high point, before smoothly settling into a softer, more intimate conclusion.His influences are diverse enough to attract a variety of fans, and to keep us excited during the long haul.Her old-school rendition of Angel from Montgomery displayed her deep, melodic voice, and the feeling she brought to the song resonated throughout the theater and through the television screen.