sweeping the membranes labor

One of the cons is you cant have your membrane swept if you cervix is closed.
It's generally only used in situations when there really isn't a pressing medical reason to induce.
They take their finger and they kind of sweep around to separate the membrane that surrounds your baby from the lower part of your uterus down work uniform tax rebate sample letter here by your cervix.It decreases your chances of going to 42 weeks from 41 down.Membrane sweep is also known as stretch and sweep because in case the sweep is not possible, the doctor or midwife can apply a mild stretching action on the cervix by gentle massaging to serve the same purpose.In this video, you will learn: The benefits of membrane sweeping, the cons of membrane sweeping, why you have the right to informed consent/refusal with membrane sweeping.This action should separate the membranes pier 1 imports promo code 2016 of the amniotic sac surrounding your baby from your cervix.Journal Of Maternal-Fetal Neonatal Medicine, 23(7 681-687.

What are the cons of membrane sweeping?Mom Answers (24 bEST answer, i am a doctor.Your cervix is highly vascular, meaning it has a lot of blood vessels.At the time, I worked in our local labor and delivery unit 7 zip free download windows 8 1 as a nurse, so I knew my doctor well.If the female is pregnant with multiple gestations.Maybe you would go into labor at 40 weeks and three days instead of 41 weeks.BumbleAndBee, answered 6/25/13 4 found this helpful, i had my membranes swept twice the first time I had a lot of symptoms then they just disappeared and nothing.Membrane sweeping can also cause bleeding after the procedure.