sweep/brush something under the carpet

Sweep something away to completely destroy something or make something disappear: houses swept away by the floods A sudden feeling of lord and taylor online coupon grief swept all my anger away.
Look intransitive, transitive always adverb/preposition to look quickly at all of something: The generals eyes swept the horizon.
Jessie was swept along by the angry crowd.
Under the carpet sweep amazon local promo code smth.Sweep it under the rug.' 'That's exactly what I will do and I must ask you to do the same' (J.Jerk the carpet from under smb.American English a series of several games that one team wins against another team.Sweep somebody/something away phrasal verb.Sweep something off/out/up etc, will you sweep the leaves off the patio?Feeling intransitive always adverb/preposition if a feeling sweeps over you, you are suddenly affected by it sweep over A feeling of isolation swept over.Group moves intransitive always adverb/preposition if a group of people or animals sweep somewhere, they quickly move there together sweep through/along etc, the crowd swept through the gates of the stadium.Sports transitive American English to win all of the games in a series of games against a particular team: Houston swept Orlando to become NBA champions.Sweep it under the rug.Usually singular British English the act of cleaning a room with a long-handled brush: The kitchen needs a good sweep.Concise English-Russian phrasebook 7 sweep smth.
Politics intransitive and transitive to win an election easily and in an impressive way sweep to power/victory Nixon and Agnew swept to victory with 47 million votes.

Sweep somebody up to pick someone up in one quick movement: Harriet swept the child up in her arms and hugged her.The problem can't be swept under the carpet.It is unlikely then that there will be any way to sweep the topic under the rug.Sweep somebody along phrasal verb avianca coupon code to sweep someone away sweep something aside phrasal verb to refuse to pay attention to something someone says: Branson swept all the objections aside.The sweeps ( also sweeps month/period ) American English a period of time during the year when television stations try to find out which shows are the most popular.Nineteenth-century scientists were swept along on the tide of Darwins theories.Person intransitive always adverb/preposition if someone sweeps somewhere, they move quickly and confidently, especially because they are impatient or like to seem important sweep into/through etc Eva swept into the meeting and demanded to know what was going.Sweep/brush something under the carpet ( also sweep something under the rug American English ) to try to keep something a secret, especially something you have done wrong.
'I'd much rather not talk about her if you don't mind.' 'Very well.
Sweep something up Jan was sweeping up the bits of paper and broken glass.