sweep in jointing compound

We strongly recommend you apply two coats of the Sealer in the appropriate manner and timings as described in the instructions supplied with your sealant.
To ensure easy black friday travel deals online Joint reaches our customers in tip top condition at the end of the manufacturing process air is removed from the bag holding the easy Joint and replaced with nitrogen.
Easy, range dealer call us with your postcode and we will direct you to your closest.
To decide what is the best sealer to use take a look at our sealer guide.This will cause the "binding" properties of the compound to become compromised.Wet or cold weather considerably extends the curing time.Granite, Black Limestone and Modak, can be very sensitive and susceptible to marking; from the natural environment, from mortar used for the base or joints or from specialist joint fillers (sweep in jointing compounds).Simply to make patio laying easy : We say 'the wetter the better' because it flows into the paving joints filling voids, compacting itself within the joint and giving you a stronger paving joint that will last.Return to previous page.Using easy Joint is particularly ideal for jointing cobble driveways, it's a fast and easy way to achieve incredible results, joints that will last!Simply on contact with air.The recommended minimum depth of the paving joint is 25mm.
For a finer texture to the joint, "point" (otherwise known as "strike the compound with a suitable finishing tool.
The basic technology is sound and proven and in our experience it will outlive most alternatives.

Back to top follow us, copyright Stonemarket 2017 - All rights reserved.This is a two stage operation.Tips Work cleanly, clearing both the sand grains and the binding oil from the surface of the paving as you.This is to give the best chance of the water that was used in the application process being able to drain and evaporate from the paving joint and for the curing process to commence.However, easy Joint requires oxygen to cure Whilst it is wet, it will not set!When to use the Dry Application Method As a final check before proceeding to install easy Joint, sweep in jointing compound, and to ensure this is the correct method for your project, check the conditions meet the following criteria: Daytime and overnight temperatures must not.Tips Work cleanly, clearing both the sand grains and the binding oil from the surface as you.However, as a result of the base permeability (strength) or the weather conditions you have selected to apply easy Joint dry (or almost dry).Lastly is contains linseed oil, a vital ingredient to create a strong bond in the paving joint however to avoid this oil penetrating the paving stone the easy Joint instructions inform you to thoroughly soak the paving, this keeps the linseed oil 'floating' on the.No, the joints will be too narrow, we recommend a minimum of 3mm.Easy, joint as you like!
Once the easy Joint has set hard, sweep the paving with a stiff broom, diagonally to the joints, to remove any final traces of compound, especially along the edges of "struck" joints.
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