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Google for "Far Cry 4 injector that remove this unnecessary lock - and wouldn't you know it, the games run perfectly fine afterward.
And I've chosen a card with 2GB of vram instead of 1GB.Asus Z87-A, but we're spoiled for choice free win to usb when we move up beyond mini-ITX.Install your desired operating system and frequently used apps like iTunes, Steam, or Office to it for a noticeable speed boost.They tend to run cooler and have better overall build quality than their competitors, at least in this price range.You simply can't do better than the Radeon 260x for 100.That being said, building your first PC inside a case this small can be challenging.Power Supply: Corsair Builder 430W 80 Bronze Certified (.88 after 20 main-in-rebate via OutletPC ) Corsair Builder Series 430W Power Supply Corsair is my go-to brand for power supplies.Case: Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini ITX (.99 @ Newegg cooler Master's Elite 110 case is a cute little cube that packs a punch.If you want to live on the edge and not spend a dime, you can take Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview for a spin free of charge.You may develop what I call "hardware lust" and feel the urge to upgrade to a faster CPU and a higher-end graphics card to see games in their ultimate maxed out glory, but upgrading shouldn't be a sheer necessity for about 3 years.And while we're at it, let's ensure the graphics quality is set to medium or better without exception.But with a 400 ceiling, Solid State Drives are out of the question (I'll still recommend one below, if want to fork out the extra cash).

Let's get to the good stuff, benchmarks!It maxes out at 16GB RAM, only supports 4 total drives, and doesn't allow Crossfire (multiple AMD graphics cards) and that's perfectly fine given the size and intention of the build.It's imperative that you map out your steps ahead of time and think through things like cable management and the order in which you connect components.You could pay twice as much for an Intel Core i3, but the G3258 has better single-core performance and a ridiculous amount of overclocking headroom.You can find that list right here, always updated, with links to purchase directly from each retailer.Fortunately, this excellent build guide of its predecessor (the Elite 130) should steer you in the right direction and provide invaluable tips.What if it didn't have to be a towering space heater in your office?Out of the box, these two titles (and only these two if I'm not mistaken) will not launch while running this CPU.You could shave off 30 or so by downgrading to 4GB of RAM, but I wouldn't recommend.
Certain developers like Sledgehammer Games and Ubisoft have put a "dual-core lock" on two of their games, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Far Cry 4 respectively.