software assurance training voucher eligible courses

The Training Vouchers benefit expires with your Software Assurance coverage.
Enquire with us for more details.After creation and assignment of a SA training voucher, the employee has 180 days to use the voucher before it expires.In accordance with the requirements set by VMware, it is mandatory that any technician interested in acquiring a VMware Certified Professional status attend, at least, one training course at a vatc prior to registration for an exam.Software Assurance training benefits provides technical and end-user training through two modalities: Software Assurance E-Learning and Software Assurance training vouchers (satv).If the Participant still wishes to attend a training course following a cancellation, victoria secret promo code 2015 july credit, or refund, he or she must thereafter re-register.Contact your Learning Advisor for full details.Each voucher will be marked with a valuetypically from 1 to 5 days worth of free training.No time to manage your Software Assurance Training Vouchers?You may not charge customers for additional services.
Targeted Training, on-site seminars and workshops save you time and money, addressing the specific training requirements of your team.
View SA Voucher Approved Classes, sATV Cancellation Policy, per Microsoft satv program rules, students canceling or rescheduling within 14 calendar days of their class will have their satv voucher released and will be invoiced for the full retail cost of the class.

The number of days granted are based on the amount of the qualifying Office and/or Windows software licenses covered with Software Assurance.Public Enrollment Courses at, upgrade.Your organization can begin using qualifying benefits immediately and over the term of the license agreement.With Software Assurance end-user training, you can help your employees gain skills to be more productive with their current software, or ready your employees for new versions with individual, self-paced interactive training delivered via Internet or intranet (e-learning).The satv systems are built to automatically take the number of days associated with the course as the satv payment for the partner.Software Assurance Training Vouchers: Eligible Courses.(This detail will be on the email from Microsoft that's sent to your company's SA Training Benefits Administrator as soon as the voucher is assigned.).Sign in by using your Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) benefits manager credentials and click.Each training credit can be redeemed for one day of training at Knowlogy.If you reserve your Training Voucher it with a qualified cpls before the expiration of your Software Assurance coverage, it will be valid for 180 days after the date it was created.Our experts can help you activate your benefits, including redemption of your satvs.