rupaul's drag race series 6 contestants

She's also proven herself to be somewhat conniving and surprisingly villainous, but her fans have embraced Villaintina anyway.
Honey Mahogany (season 5 Honey and another queen on this list, Vivienne Pinay, together hold the title for absolute worst lip sync in Drag Race herstory.
"Savvy" doesn't begin to describe Bianca she's downright cunning.Dida Ritz (season 4 Dida Ritz didn't do much well in season four of Drag Race.But her catchphrases Motha has arrived!Both were villains, targeting the eventual winners of their seasons.Her failures overshadow her accomplishments.Mariah (season 3 Season three was the first time queens couldn't really just get by on looks and attitude.Her inconsistency keeps her out of the top 30, but she was a real debrid coupon code ton of fun to watch.She was an astonishing performer to watch, one of the funniest queens in Drag Race herstory and, in one episode of Untucked, the Drag Race after-show, she delivered an iconic monologue about not having a sugar daddy.She was hilarious, cutting and yet strangely heartwarming.Manila Luzon (seasons 3 and All Stars 1 Manila is a beloved queen among fans, and it's easy to see why.In doing so, she made herstory as Drag Race 's first trans queen.Honey Mahogany Logo.But she wasn't malicious, and she turned out some strong performances in the first half of the competition.Certainly in personality, what with her calling RuPaul "Rusie-Q" and her enthusiastic fandom of fellow competitor Courtney Act.Kelly Mantle (season 6 Kelly's got credits, she's got style, but she was not ready for Drag Race.She is a spectacular performer, one of the best Drag Race had ever seen.

Kandy Ho (season 7 Best known for her pitch-perfect exclamation upon learning she was in the bottom two of the season seven premiere: " What the fuck?Source: Bob the Drag Queen/YouTube.Her reveal during a lip sync to Britney Spears' "Stronger" cemented her top-two placing.But she also lip-synced her way out every single time on a combination of passion and prowess.5 Additionally, the 90-minute premiere tallied 565,000 total viewers tuning in to meet the new cast of 14 drag queen hopefuls who will fight it out to be crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar." The fifth-season premiere night of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and companion series "Untucked.The way she declared she was "nicole paige brooks from AT-LAN-TA, geor-GIA" was iconic, but that was pretty much all she had to offer.April CarriĆ³n (season 6 By all accounts, April is a fierce fashion queen who had plenty of great looks lined up for her time on the show.Unlike Vivienne, Honey did show some talent in a previous challenge or two, but she still deserves bottom 20 placement.Her win was controversial at the time (considering her relationship with Ru before the show started but looking back at her work on Drag Race, Ru's choice holds.We can't point at much she did that was deserving of the high praise she gave herself, though.
The contestant was in the bottom two.