running contests on facebook

Keep your rules simple, tooand easy to findso that people can understand exactly what they can win, and how you will use any personal information they provide.
But you will come across contests that have complicated entry processes, with multiple steps over multiple screens, asking for far more information that most people are willing to give to a company they may not have done business with before.
You can pick the winner(s) yourself, or stipulate that whichever entry gets the most Likes wins.Like this post comment about why you should win.Facebook prohibits using friend connections to administer contests.In 7 days, we had driven 618 competition entries, and just over 500 people who entered the competition shared it with their friends (thanks to a sharing incentive we added).Contact Details Friend Referral: To boost entries you can require people to refer X number of friends to the contest for their entry to count.Videos are the hardest type of content for people to create, as they take a long time and may involve writing a script and getting help from their friends.
Manage your Facebook presence by using Hootsuite to schedule posts, share videos, engage with followers, manage ads, and measure the impact of your efforts.

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This approach can also compel people to seek out information on your website.In this article youll learn how to run a Facebook Contest to achieve specific goals and grow your business.Well, they get a lot of positive reviews and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt in case my experience was a one off.You also know Facebook contests get A LOT more engagement than regular posts.Use paid promotion to extend your audience If you want to draw as many eyeballs as possible to your Facebook contest, you may want to invest in some Facebook advertising.Out of a pool of maybe 50 different social contest app services, there are five that Id recommend considering; Heyo (my favourite Shortstack, AgoraPulse, Wishpond, and WooBox.Scheduling contest posts across channels in advance can be a great way to ensure you dont go overboard.You can now run a contest by simply posting a status update on your Timeline.We'll pick a random winner.Ask fans to write about how they use their products or why they like your products using an Essay Contest App to get great recommendations for your products and brand.This can help you learn more about the kinds of background information you need to address when talking to potential customers about your product or service offers in the future.