rebate plane blades

Bench Plane Blades, our 3/32" thick blades are world renowned for their improved cutting action.
High Carbon Tool Steel (O1) - for the "Old" #113: 1 3/4" (fits #3-Style Planes, too) #BP175.00 Buy Now Cryogenically Treated A2 Tool Steel - for the "Old" #113 1 3/4" wide (fits #3, too) #BPA175.00 Buy Now High Carbon Tool Steel (O1).
To maximize your plane's performance, a thicker chip breaker (cap iron) can stabilize the blade's cutting edge reducing vibration and chatter.In his patent application, he described the plane as a ".new and useful tool or instrument for rabbeting and plowing or grooving lumber.".Buy Now 2 5/8" (fits #8-Style Planes) #BP262.00.Buy Now 2 3/8" (fits #4, #5, #6, #7) #BP238.00.Buy Now 2-1/4" wide (older #5-1/2) dota 2 giveaways #BBS225.00.The old ones have the blade domino coupon online adjuster in front of the tote, similar to a standard bench plane.Buy Now 2-1/4" wide (older #5-1/2) #BK225.00.A knurled cap screw is included.Buy Now 2 1/4" (fits pre-1939 #5) #BP225.00.They offer a substantial improvement over the inferior chrome-vanadium junk that levi coupon code 2014 comes with so many tools.Rebate saw-plane blade specifications and features: The blade can be purchased sharpened and set (ready to install out of the box) or unsharpened.Use the rebate saw-plane for: Made in the USA.Buy Now 2 3/8" (fits#4, 5, 6 7) #BPA238.00.Plans for making your own rebate saw-plane are available as a pdf at the link in the upper right corner of this page.First, please read the FAQ (all will be revealed.) If that doesn't scratch that itch, call me: (that very cleverly converts to: 888-28 Blade).
While the most recent reincarnation of this hybrid saw-plane has been branded a "kerfing plane".
On the older ones the adjuster is a wheel on the side of the plane.

The plans include sources and part numbers for the needed tooling.Buy Now 2-5/8" wide 8) #BBS262.00 Buy Now Cryogenically Treated A2 Tool Steel Blade and Cap Iron Sets 1-3/4" wide 3) #BAS175.00 Buy Now 2" wide 4 #5 BAS200.00 Buy Now 2-1/4" wide (older #5-1/2) #BAS225.00 Buy Now 2-3/8" 4, #5.Buy Now 2 5/8" (fits#8) #BPA262.00, buy Now (Please note that these blades do not fit the newer ill-advised Stanley "Sweetheart" planes, released in 2009.The unsharpened blade comes with the triangular portion of the teeth punched; you will need to sharpen and set the teeth, then file in the rounded gullet bottom.Although early versions (including the stair saw and the joinery saw described by Roubo in 1769) had a saw blade mounted in a plane body, they lacked the fence that make this saw-plane so useful for certain ripping operations.High Carbon Steel (O1) Blade and Cap Iron Sets 1-3/4" wide 3) #BBS175.00, buy Now 2" wide 4 #5 BBS200.00.And our Cryogenically treated A2 blades will hold that edge longer.Sharpening requires an 8" Regular taper saw file (available below or here ) and a 5/32" chainsaw file (available at any good hardware store).Fence hardware specifications and features: While the hardware installation is straightforward, it does require some precision to ensure proper function.Buy Now 2 1/4" (fits some older types) #BPA225.00.Hock Chip Breakers are 3mm thick (.118 almost twice as thick as a stock chip breaker.
You will need a drill press, good 3/16" and 7/16" brad point bits, and 9/16" and 3/4" piloted counterbores (with a 3/16" pilot) or Forstner bits (the counterbores are easier to use, but more expensive).