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I live in Bukit Panjang and work in the City.
With the Car Park System, here are some services you running contests on facebook can look forward to: Apply for a season parking space.
Cancel your season parking space and request for a refund (for advanced payments only).We would suggest you take public transport.Update your contact details, request to change your vehicle details.Mon-Thu, 5pm to 2am:.20 per entry, 2am to 7am.10 per half hour.When it reaches Bt Panjang, the bus is alredy filled to the doors.So why queue when you can apply, pay and renew at the click of a button, saving time and hassle!But if you really have to drive to take home the Smart TV you just purchased, we have done the homework for you we have identified the parking areas in both Suntec CIty and other parking lots in the vicinity, from the most pocket-unfriendly.Because I was relying on public transport to get me to work for 3 months while waiting for my COE.Marina Bay Sands, weekdays 7am-7pm: 7 for 1st hr; 1 for subsequent.Below is a list of buses that you can take to get to comex 2015!Print this page home for Tenants / For Vehicle Owners, cCT's Car Park System.Various mode of transport: BUS: Service 190 will take me to my office, but.Weekdays 5pm to 12am:.20 per entry.They are a urban myth in Singapore.

15mins Weekdays 6pm-7.59am: 3 per entry Weekends.20 for 1st 2hrs,.40 for subsequent.You stand so long waiting only to find some a hole will walk further up to intercept you.LRT - MRT: Bukit Panjang got no MRT, so I need to take LRT to the MRT station at CCK.You flag them but they don't see you.By MRT, being one of the most efficient countries in the world in terms of public transport, it would be a waste to not take advantage of the infrastructure do fedex employees get discounts on amazon here.Driving to work is the greatest joy one can ever get!Cepas Enabled Car Park * Millenia Singapore carparks consist of: Centennial Tower, conrad Centennial, millenia Walk, millenia Tower.How to get to comex 2015.Sometimes I need to bring my digital SLR for work so that's another bag weighing.Weekdays Aft 6pm:.21 for 1st four hrs;.27 for subsequent 10 mins.Receive season parking renewal reminders sent via email or SMS.
Why I say that?