psk31 contest software

It is fast and convenient to use with many macros toto 4d sweep result today for transmitting.
TX sound frequency is changed if right mouse button is used or "Ctrl" key is pressed.
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Oficial Page PSK31, digipan, pSK31, zakanaka, pSK31.It can be switched on or off via " Setup / View / Show phase indicator in PSK " option or " Alt-I " hotkey.The "Save" button writes previous 60 seconds of a chances on winning the lottery sound to a wave file in the " Waves " directory.A wave-file must be Windows PCM file, without compression.The default values are defined by parameters " CallOnClear " rstonClear " NameOnClear " OtherOnClear " of the I file (only in the registered version).
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The " Use Rig " box is used to select a rig controlled by Omni-Rig.From KD5HIO Hamcom.1( Receive and transmit CW, rtty,amtor) Hellschreiber Hellschreiber Mail List PSK31 by ON4VT PSK31 by WM2U pskgnr Front end for psksbw Ver.06) RadioCom (DSP-Filter/Analyser, rtty, CW, Fax, sstv DCF-77) Radio Raft by F6FLT AllMode Decoder Software for Fuzzy Digital Modes wintty.It requires only 31 Hz of bandwidth, making it ideal for QRP operation.Can be used together with TrueTTY bytes USA 1 USA 2 Wave Clone by Eugene Muzychenko.Take to attention that not every transceiver has programmable RIT.The " OnTop " button puts TrueTTY in front of all windows.If your sound card can work in full-duplex mode, it can be useful to enable the " Setup / Interface / Use duplex sound card " option.The " Setup / Interface / PTT pins " option defines used pins of COM-port.