process of creating vouchers in tally

Method of Numbering : Select whatever you want, use Advance configuration : No,Will give you a detailed tutorial on that later.
Type of Voucher : It must be Sale as we are creating sales voucher type.
With the name of Scenario.Name : Sales.5.What is voucher type in Tally Perspective?Business agility :- his has led to a greater glen ivy gift card discount demand for ultra-flexible tools that are easy to design, change and deploy.The voucher acts as a cover page to which the following will be attached: vendor invoice, companys purchase order, companys receiving report, and other information needed to process the vendor invoice for payment.After this accept it and then see its in Exceptional Report.
Features of business process in Tally.

Business Specific Processes of every organization is a linked process of various activities performed in various directions to deliver a product or service in the end.Now Lets see the pre-defined voucher types in tally, To get the Predefined Voucher type, Go to; Gateway of Tally Accounts Info Voucher Types Display.Go to Gateway of Tally Display Exception Reports Reversing Journals.In the column details, tab down to Types of Values to Show.To delete the voucher type go to Gateway Of Tally Accounting Info Voucher Type Alter Select the Voucher type you want to delete Click On the Delete Button On the bottom left of the Screen Or Use altd Shotcut Keys.I will give you a simple example.Pre-defined voucher types, classification of voucher type.Payroll Voucher Type: For input payroll data like attendance,payroll etc.Here are the examples of voucher types in tally, See the below images for more clarity on the subject.This time we are going to learn about Voucher this chapter we will cover the following.