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Once bullets started hitting outside that.5 MOA circle the test ended and the resulting round count was top of the rock observation deck discount coupons deemed the maximum endurance of CFE223 without cleaning.We mounted a Nightforce SHV 4-14x56mm riflescope with illuminated reticle (m and sighted it in at 100 yards.Once fiercely guarded and shrouded in mystery, the samurai residences, gardens and castle ruins of the Sanada clan in Matsushiro, and the ninja training centre of Togakushi also rank highly among the attractions of Nagano City.The trip to Austra was based on an ambiguous tip from a friend whod been there once, briefly.During load testing, Hodgdons maximum load proved the most acccurate.Pinatubos particulates acting as cloud-seeders, and you get a continent of skiers jumpy with expectation.Finally, by the time winter really gets here, well be burned out on all that snow and ready for mountain biking, windsurfing, and Mexico.The theme of this issue, The Lost Resorts, is the inextricably tied to this concept of anticipation and expectation.And yet, 25 years later, few memories of that day remain.Took weeks of evenings, as every case was hand checked in a Lyman headspace/overall length gauge, every powder charge was weighed on an rcbs 1500 dispensing scale and every loaded round was run through a Lee Factory Crimp die.The first ski magazines arrived in the heat of August, followed quickly by Labor Day sales.To enter, just submit the short survey below by 30 November 2017!For a day, we ruled.Ischgl was a place Id never heard of and about which I could find no information.After around 300 shots, the hits began noticeably moving up and to the right, and round number 334 was the first one to partially split the rim of the splatter target.Handloading 500 rounds.223 Rem.

Now we find ourselves in the season of anticipation, those accelerating days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, dying for powder but resigned to skiing hardpack made back in October.Before testing I was on a prairie dog shoot in Wyoming sponsored by Hornady and Howa, and I asked the guides and some of the guestshunters alltheir thoughts on measuring copper fouling without slicing the barrels in half.As the impressive centrepiece of a monastic community with some 1,300 years of history, Zenko-ji Temple still welcomes pilgrims among its many visitors today, and its main hall is recognised as a National Treasure of Japan.At the range, I fired ten rounds, then let the barrel cool for five minutes, which made for an all day deal.They are the fuel for adventure, romance, and fear, and they shape our experiences in ways we cant know.Summer in the West was wet, and most ranges from the Sierras to the Rockies were heavily dusted with snow in mid-September.Before testing the barrel was thoroughly cleaned with Barnes CR10one of the most aggressive copper solvents weve testedusing stainless steel brushes and cotton patches.I got four more rounds into the splatter target before round number 339 hit high right about 1/2-inch outside the rim.Win this travel giveaway for two, and you and a guest could be on your way to experience Nagano Citys exciting fusion of nature, history and culture for yourselves.Then came autumns post-buying-binge blues, when you realized you couldnt use any of that new equipment for months.