plane sweep intersect

Therefore I need to do a swap.
3) Where do I add s4 in T now?
It is a lot of text, but I don't know how else to explain it without an actual drawing.
1) Why are they swapped?Now, suppose we have segments s1 and s2 already in T and they are intersecting.Then I read the starting point of s3 and I have to add s3 into.All intersections are before the end points.Originally, the x component of s3 is in between s1 and.The x component of s3 is in between s1 and s2 and s4 has the biggest x component.Then I read the segment.I don't quite understand the event intersection in plane sweep algorithm regarding segments.Imagine it like this in the X-axis for starting point: s2 s3.In case of two intersecting segments, they are swapped in the status structure.I do the sweep from top to down and not from left to right.
But I already swapped s1 and.
But I reach first the intersecting point of s1.

They are both below s1 and s2, and s4 is below.Imagine it like this in the Y-axis for end point: s3 s4 s1 s2 si x sj denotes the intersection of segment i and segment.S2 x s1 is before starting point s3 s4 x s3 is below the starting point.Imagine it like this in the X-axis for end point: s1 s4.Now, if I add a new segment s3 into the structure T, I just look at the x component and add the new segment at the correct place.As far as I understood, T is sorted after the x component.We have two intersections.Let's say the x component of s2 is smaller than s1, so s1 is the right neighbour of s2.2) Where do I add s3 in T now?
Imagine it like this in the Y-axis for starting point: s1 s2.
We target diapers coupon code also have segments s3 and.