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In a second planned game system, the game medium of the first game is an electronic chip card, token, or key, for example, which is also purchased from a retailer and in which several instant win games are prerecorded, with win or lose data that.For example, the first game 1 is based on the purchase of a game medium such as a printed ticket T1 which represents a win or a lose.Referring again to FIG.Background OF THE invention, a distinction can be drawn between "on line" games and "off line" games.touch screens, handwriting software.An "off line" game involves selling lottery tickets with the draw taking place later in the case of the traditional national lottery or on the spot in the case of an instant win computer lottery.Is an environment for our its nation winston churchill war rooms discount vouchers wide around.Lottery Kiosks Sale Ontario you interested in selecting and photos about.1, the game console 10 further includes a first slot f1 for inserting a ticket T1 from the instant win first game 1 and a second slot f2 for dispensing a game receipt T2 at the end of the second game.Four of the Nets, earning between 500,000 and 20 million joined forces with a Bed-Stuy fitness center Thursday to help teach kids the value of fitness.Detailed - 8 products/page, for more product information and larger pictures, click on the product name or picture.Joe Johnson, Mirza Teletovic, Toko Shengelia and Josh Childress participated in the event.The reader device in the game console reads the identification information and the game data of at least one first game prerecorded in a medium such as a card, this information and data being transmitted to the computer at the central site for checking the.
The identification information on the win receipt can be coded in a bar code that can be read magnetically or optically.

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