pg&e commercial rebate programs

When you install an yatra promo code mobile app energy saving EcoTex Ozone Laundry you not only reap the energy efficient benefits and money savings, but your business may qualify for a rebate.
I understand the rebate is determined by the date the application is received.
You get both when you choose Silicon Valley Clean Energys carbon-free energy.I understand a rebate will not be paid if I refuse to participate in any required verification that is scheduled within 30 days of PG E contacting.I certify that I have installed product(s) in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, building codes, manufacturers specifications, and permitting requirements.To be eligible for a rebate in accordance with this application, I must be a customer of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG E) with an active meter and be installing a qualified product(s).Electric Delivery: PG E still delivers your electricity on existing lines and maintains those lines.Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas a Sempra Utilities, offers their customers financial incentives and recognition awards for a variety of projects that save energy, including ozone laundry systems).Bate offerings and rebate amounts may change without notice during the Term.The charges you see on your bill can be simplified into two categories: Electric Generation: This pays for your source of power and how much electricity youre using.
I understand I cannot receive a rebate for the same product(s) from more than one California investor-owned utility or other rebates funded through cpuc authorized energy efficiency funds.

PG E reserves the right to limit the number of products rebated.If I do not provide the energy savings or if I cease to be a customer of PG E during the five years, I shall refund a prorated amount of rebate dollars based on the time installed.Rates vary, depending on the type of service you choose: svce GreenStart, svce GreenPrime or.Clean energy and competitive rates.I understand the rebate amount cannot exceed the purchase price of the product, nor can it include taxes or shipping costs.Where available, these rebate programs allow end-users of ozone equipment for commercial and institutional laundry facilities the ability to obtain a flat-rate rebate based on the number of washers in the facility, and the cost of the ozone equipment installed.I understand for each product installed the requirement is to identify each Service ID# on the Rebate Product Information.We partner with PG E to deliver your electricity and ensure we provide transparent costs.