pg&e commercial rebate program

PG E, SCE, SDG E, and, sWG also offer prescriptive rebates for upgrading to more efficient lighting, hvac, water heaters, food service equipment, refrigeration, motors, window film, insulation and other specific equipment and measures.
Glendale Water and Power offers incentives hookah shisha discount codes for participating in demand response through two programs: The voluntary economic-based Self-Scheduled Program provides a 1-day advance notice for events and pays customers for actual energy usage curtailed based on a customer-defined bid (trigger price) or a utility-defined market.
PG E and SCE offer financial incentives for implementing technologies that permanently shift electric load by storing thermal cooling capacity during off-peak hours (e.g., by chilling water or making ice) in order to meet cooling load during subsequent peak hours.
High-efficiency water heaters, the Water Heater Distributor Program provides rebates directly to distributors who sell qualifying high-efficiency water heaters and boilers to eligible PG E natural gas customers.How does your maintenance program stack up?This program is offered as a market test to determine how well the distributor program model works in the residential hvac market.Some demand response and time-of-use programs are not amazon coupon code beauty products common to all the California utilities, including the following: Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) from SCE and SDG E (also called the Summer Advantage Incentive) is a rate structure that offers lower electricity rates year-round in return for.The utilitys Small Business Energy Management Assistance Program provides rebates to customers with peak demands of less than.For new construction projects, Alameda provides design assistance grants and incentives (up to 10,000 per project) for a whole building approach (must exceed Title 24 by 10 or more) or a building systems approach for smaller, less complex projects.Failure to reduce the pledged amount during an event will result in reduced incentives and possible penalties for not meeting at least 50 of the pledge.Rebates can cover up to 20 of installed cost and 100 of incremental cost (maximum 50,000 per year per customer, not to exceed the estimated value of saved energy over the life of the measures).Rebate programs include lighting, hvac, chillers, data center optimization, PC power management, commercial washing machines, food service equipment, motors and variable frequency drives, energy-efficient building design, new construction projects over 25,000.
Federal customers should check the programs below for current availability and application periods.
In some cases, the monthly energy savings may be equal to or greater than the monthly payment.

There is a minimum curtailment commitment of 100 kW, or 15 of the monthly average peak demand (whichever is larger).SDG E customers participating in the Day-Ahead option of the Capacity Bidding Program are not eligible for CPP.The hvac Optimization Program, based on the ansi / ashrae / ashrae / acca Standard 180 (an industry standard for quality maintenance) is a comprehensive, properly sequenced maintenance program that helps improve energy efficiency and reliability, equipment life, thermal comfort and indoor air quality.The ReMAT tariff cannot be combined with any other renewable incentives that involve public funds, such as CSI, sgip and any of the net metering programs.There is no penalty for failure to reduce electric load during an event.For information about additional incentive oakland zoo discount tickets aaa programs offered by smaller utilities, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (dsire).A wide variety of public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs are administered by the states IOUs: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG E), Southern California Edison (SCE), Southern California Gas (SoCal Gas), and, san Diego Gas and Electric (SDG E), and, southwest Gas Corporation (SWG).The Day-of Performance Program pays participants a monthly reservation fee for committing to a specific level of curtailable load, whether a demand response event is called or not.PG E and SCE offer the Optional Binding Mandatory Curtailment Program, which provides customers with exemptions from rotating power outages if they can reduce their circuit load during Stage 3 emergencies. .Loans are then paid back on the monthly utility bill.More information on these incentives can be found at the above program web site.
BIP participants are also be eligible for simultaneously participating in one of the other demand response programs, (e.g., time-varying pricing or PG E/SCEs Demand Bidding Program which allows customers to take advantage of rate credits, reduced energy charges and incentives associated with both programs, with.
Utilities will select bids based on lowest price until the auction capacity is reached.