pageant contest questions

Can you tell me in a few seconds what is a brick useful for?
Our government leaders have been so busy forging foreign relations, law-making, politics, and solving graft and corruption cases, while millions of (Nationality) are struggling to provide food for their families during meal time.The best onstage questions are ones that are open-ended and have no right or wrong answer just an opinion. Questions that show some knowledge about an issue but also show the rebate contract language personality of the contestant are very appropriate. Try not to embarrass your contestants.If a foreign visitor arrived in your country, who would you tell them to be sure to meet?I would use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and for fast dissemination of information to the public, and become a role model for the clean and green movement.Describe your dream vacation?Will be taken into consideration.What do you like most about yourself?My primary reason for joining this pageant is to develop and boost my self-esteem.Don't be surprised by the questions people will ask you. Some will be serious, off the wall, or for information. As a representative for your pageant and title you need to be able to answer all questions with confidence and knowledge. This is why.Nothing could be more important than offering my achievements and thanking God who is the real source of all things beautiful.It is a part of history that must be respected and treated as a clue to success and progress.
Score:.002 1st Runner-up Ashwarya Narangikar, answer: God has given us humans the extraordinary power of intellect which i think is the best part about being a human.

Answers copied from other sources will not be considered in the competition. .If you choose any 3 people to be stranded on a desert island with, who would you choose and why?If you had only one year left to live, what would you do?With that, I would be presentable in the eyes of my friends, my family and especially to God.If you had to choose a new name for yourself, what would it be and why?At the end of the exercise, there was no winner as it was a brazen embarrassment to the sensibilities of not only the organizers but the state as a whole.They serve as training grounds for women to gain courage and introduce their different advocacies, especially those who plan to take on key roles in our society, by becoming aware and engaging in social issues and problems.