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Check out Urbana Poetry Slam - they always keep it current and keep it hard!
They don't play here - its music to a jelly belly discount code uk poet's ears!
This is where I shed my training wheels and started to blossom.
11/6/2013 0 Comments, across the map and spanning the globe, poetry contests are a growing phenomenon.If you live here or if you're visiting, find a local slam and don't miss out!Green Mill Lounge - nestled in uptown Chicago, this is considered the birthplace of the poetry slam movement as we know it today.One poet could share a sonnet about their baby brother who gets all the attention and she just hates it; then the next might share their favorite experience about eating watermelon at a barbecue; and both of them could be succeeded by the dark goth.If you visit Chicago, you better find a slam around town!Poetry slams, contests and competitions are mysterious and different - a 'must-do' experience.Story Club - The Story Club works like Fight Club - but they use stories rather than punch each other in the face!
You never know what you're going to get.

What is Spoken Word?The contest lives in the legacy of the late Nobel Prize winning poet Octavio Paz - hence the name of the award, its sought after "Paz Prize".The racial barriers have been snapped so all cultures are attending in harmony: guys, gals, foes, pals; it even makes a great date night that's lego promo code canada not so 'in the norm'.The Walt Whitman Birthplace Foundation is also a highly dedicated and renowned poetry organizations.Haymarket Pub Brewery - where Chicago's literary elite battle for bragging rights!I have never won a poetry contest in my life, yet with each submission I thought I was a sure-fire victor.If you're a bit younger, Creative Submissions is always on the hunt for young talent.The Poet's House - this is a library and house of poetry resources, but they also host spoken word events.All this to say (although I hate cliche) - expect the unexpected!
When Marc Kelly Smith (oh yeah!) brought his hard water drinking contest record hat and rugged hands to the other side of the rainbow, he opened up a pot of gold that us slammers are all still basking in - oh rejoice!
One of the most prestigious, well-known and accoladed poetry contests out there is the.