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I understand that this agreement will remain in place until such time as either party, the client or the agent, has notified the Revenue gift vouchers available at coles Commissioners of Ireland in writing of their wish to cancel this agreement.
Rebate Code: Below is a list of rebates that are currently available: geoliner nba handicapping contests 320 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017 geoliner 320 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017 geoliner 320 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017 geoliner 630 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017 geoliner 630 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017 geoliner 650XD (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017).
I understand that (Martin Brennan.) is acting as my agent and is solely responsible to me in respect of any refund received by them on my behalf.
Geoliner 650XD (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017).I confirm that I am aware of, and agree to, the payment of the fees charged by the paye Tax Agency(Martin Brennan.) in respect of the services carried out on my behalf and that this fee will be deducted from any amount refunded.Comments, this field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.County please marital Status please ChooseMarriedCivil Parent, if married, please have your spouse complete and sign this form seperately.Total of Rain Barrel Capacities (in gallons).daytime Phone: *Required, alternate Phone: Outdoor Rebates elibigible Outdoor Rebates: (Select One)Multi-setting Sprinkler Controller (25 of purchase price)Rental Equipment for Grass Removal (25 of rental price)Compost (25 of purchase price)Tree-Bates (100 Residential/500 Commercial)Pressure Regulation Valve (25)Pressure Vacuum Break (25)Backflow Prevention Valve (25)Multi-stream Rotor Sprinkler Heads.Rebates must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.I understand that paye Tax Agency (Martin Brennan.) is required to retain a copy of all documentation relating to any refund or credit or allowance or relief claimed by the agent on my behalf and that the agent will be required to produce same.Please enter the code provided on your rebate form below to proceed.Geoliner 770 with AC400 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017).Geoliner 670XD with AC400 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017).I further understand that my agent (Martin Brennan.) is an independent entity and that the Revenue Commissioners make no endorsement of my agent or any such agency and cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever about womens freebies for problems encountered by me in dealing with them.Geoliner 670XD with AC200 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017).

Why am I being asked to provide a copy of my repair order?Acceptable file formats :.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.docx,.doc, and.pdf * Proof of Purchase: Upload a file *Required*File is greater than 2048000 KiB*File type not valid Supporting Documents: Upload a file *File is greater than 2048000 KiB*File type not valid Additional Comments and Estimated Rebate Amount Comments: Total Estimated Rebate.Required Checking the box above constitutes a legal signature confirming that you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of the rebate and that you warrant the truthfulness of the information that you provided/submitted in this web form).Bank: AIB BIC Code: aibkie2D iban Number: IE55aibk Name of Account Holder: MB Tax Refunds Clients Account I understand that any refund made by the Revenue Commissioners to my agent, (Martin Brennan.Geoliner 670XC with AC400 (Rebate Ends: 12/30/2017).I understand and agree that the paye Tax Agency (Martin Brennan.) will input its own bank account details on the Revenue record for the duration of this mandate and will remove these details on the cessation of the mandate.