nd travel expense voucher

Trip expenses might include, but are not limited to, registration for a conference, airline tickets and/or hotel charges.
Submitted to the Controller's Office, Stop 8364.
Submit to the Procurement Payment Services Office, Stop 8381 S Signature Authorization Form (8/5/2015) Description: Used to list who is allowed to sign for each department Statement for Visiting Non-US Residents (3/1/2003) T Travel Expense Worksheet (8/6/2010) Description: Used to figure and show expenses reimbursed.If you are sharing a room with another employee and only one receipt is available, the expense will be reimbursed to only one person.Cancelled Tickets, depending on the circumstances ticket cancellations may be either refundable or non-refundable.At this time Delta Airlines is the only airline offering the State a discount program.Employees will need to reimburse ndsu if any situations arise where they personally gain from a ticket refund or exchange.These fees may be allowable with sufficient justification.Airline/Amtrak Ticket Detail Form, this link will take you to the Procurement Services Website Description: Used when making a purchase of an airline ticket or train ticket when using the UND Purchasing Card Athletics Travel Advance Form (8/10/2010) Athletic Department use Only Athletic Team Trip.Lodging is reimbursed at actual cost.

Purchases may not be artificially divided so as to fall under the 5000 maximum threshold.It is not intended to replace the travel policies of North Dakota State University or the laws of the State of North Dakota.Meals Meal reimbursements are generally based on meal allowance rates that depend upon the time of day the employee is in travel status and whether the travel is in-state, out-of-state continental US, non-continental US, or international.It may be higher if trip insurance is not purchased.Policy 513 - Lodging Receipts and Payments.Risk Management requests that you visit the insurance carriers site for further travel information on how to contact them if you need medical, personal, travel, or security assistance.See the following link for city/county exceptions: if ndsu employees are unable to find a state rate hotel in the western part of the state (Williston, Dickinson, Minot, etc.Section 40118) requires government financed air transportation to be provided by air carriers holding certificates of public convenience and necessity.S.Insurance - ndsu faculty and staff are encouraged to purchase international insurance while traveling abroad.If the travelers meal is paid for by some other means the traveler should not claim the applicable meal allowance. .Submit the appropriate pages needed for reimbursement.
Vehicles rented through these contracts have discounted rental rates, as well as full coverage damage waiver with 0 deductible and liability coverage up to 1 million without additional fees or paperwork.
Workers Compensation - Employees planning to be in a foreign country for more than 30 consecutive days must find and purchase workers compensation discount radio city christmas spectacular insurance in the destination country prior to departure.