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2009: Krypto-Nate leaps over Superman to claim Dunk title.
Griffin's elaborate stunt on his final dunk of the night was enough to earn him 68 percent of the world metro zoo promo code wide fan voting via text message and eclipsed a consistently spectacular effort by McGee just because of its sheer audacity.
"When we were still on our road trip, coach Vinny Del Negro called me into his room and said, 'So what are you going to do in the dunk contest?' He already knew what I was going to do, so I just played dumb.
2008: Howard flies like Superman to win Dunk crown.About the NBA: The NBA is the.You'll win dunk contests with Serious Ups."When they first came to me with the dunk contest idea, they said there were no rules.The 5-9 Robinson's only 50-point dunk was on a bounce pass from Spud Webb, the 1986 champion and the only other sub-6-foot winner in Slam Dunk history.Robinson sealed the win on his final dunk, scooping the ball off the backboard, spinning and putting it through with two hands, backwards.So I jumped over it and I kind of looked at them and they were like, 'OK, you can.' ".2007: Celtic's Green notches perfect 50 dunk.So he dunked over a car.However, McGee and Griffin were clearly a notch above the field and it was McGee who made the best early impression.We all came for entertainment because we definitely didn't want to be another disappointment for the slam dunk contest like the year before was.".Griffin had jaws dropping in every corner of Staples Center when he launched himself over the hood of a shiny new silver Kia, caught a pass from.A."I noticed when I went for my rehearsal on Thursday night, everybody from the Clippers was there.Since shaking the backboard with a slam dunk for his first official basket as a pro back in October, the Clippers forward has established himself as the favorite for the Rookie of the Year Award with his array of mind-boggling dunks that have made him.Lakers 1996 - Brent Barry,.A.
Favorite who has been a rookie sensation for the Clippers played the crowd and built the evening to a crescendo.

He scored a 50 on his first dunk of the contest by dunking two different balls through two side-by-side baskets.DeRozan and Ibaka were eliminated in the first round, which was scored by the blue ribbon panel of Clyde Drexler, James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins, Brent Barry and Julius Erving.I was like, 'So I can jump over a car?' Kind of playing around.More than a decade later, he was the real thing, taking the event to a new level.Knicks rookie Nate Robinson outlasted Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala in a dunk-off 47-46 to become the Sprite Slam Dunk champion.NBA NBA Video and Highlights, related Video, no Videos!What Griffin did do was give his coaches, Clippers management and likely their insurance underwriters heart chim cheroo chimney sweeps palpitations when word began leaking out that he was going to jump over a car.Which left only the question of whether he's ready to come back next year and repeat.People are like: 'Do it between your legs twice.' Obviously florence italy sweepstakes I can't do that."."I knew you were going to ask that Griffin said.