nba slam dunk contest highlights

Its best to go ahead and coupon codes walmart contacts admit this up front: Saturdays Slam Dunk Contest will have its hands full matching the excitement generated by last years event in Toronto.
Jones went into Robinson's playbook for his first attempt in the final, using three people to jump over.
This Lakers Rookie Is Ready to Take Over the NBA.Butler Is the NBA's Biggest Country Music Fan.Growing Up: the Game That Showed Isaiah Thomas cheap climbing gear nz He Could Be an NBA Star.Derrick Jones., Suns.Skip ahead to the 2:30 mark in the above video to see him rise high to finish a transition lob and double-clutch to avoid a defender before finishing with both hands.He needed just 43 to tie and 44 to win.This years competition will play out with a standard format: each dunker gets two dunks in the opening round, contestants get three attempts at each dunk, and each dunk can earn a maximum score.Did have the best dunk of the contest.While Jones is an NBA no-namer, hes competed in numerous dunk contests since his prep days, distinguishing himself by finishing high degree-of-difficulty slams on the first try.Since Chris Pauls 2011 arrival in LA, Jordan has consistently ranked among the leagues most prolific dunkers thanks largely to his alley-oop tomahawks.In a field of monster athletes, the Pennsylvania native stands out.Simmons Finally Faces 'Big Brother' LeBron.A 20-year-old undrafted rookie who went one-and-done at unlv and spent time in the D-League this falland rightfully.Much of that is because Gordon simply couldnt dunk, which robbed us of the promise of yet another jaw-dropping performance.Curb Your Enthusiasm s Larry David would say, this years dunk contest was pretty, pretty, pretty bad.
LeBron Isn't Worried, but Maybe He Should.
Mason Plumlee (2015) and Andre Drummond (2016) both turned in forgettable performances in recent years, which could explain why Jordan is the 2017 longshot with 12/1 odds.

Is More Than Just His Famous Name Growing Up: Damian Lillard Tells Us How He Improved His Jump Shot as a Kid Growing Up: the Game That Showed Isaiah Thomas He Could Be an NBA Star Growing Up: How Kyrie Irving Became One of the.Second, will his size work against him?This proved to not be difficult for Robinson as he easily skied over the mini-human tower: Robinson struggled with his second attempt, which ended up being a dab dunk.Jordan faces two major questions.LaVines absence therefore opens the door for Gordon, who many observers felt was snubbed last year, and three other first-time competitors: DeAndre Jordan (Clippers Glenn Robinson III (Pacers and Derrick Jones (Suns).The NBA hosted its 2017 All-Star dunk contest Saturday night at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.Indeed, Jordan is on track to lead the league in dunks for the fourth straight year.The best hope for Robinson in the competition is to follow the Jeremy Evans playbook and lean on some never-before-seen props or gimmicks to help overcome his anonymity.Aaron Gordon, Magic, gordon, 21, proved to be a natural performer last year, bathing comfortably in the attention and rising to the challenge against LaVine rather than shrinking from the pressure.But while the pageantry of the dunk was great (the theme song from Star Wars played throughout his attempts Gordon missed the slam three times.He kicked the Phoenix Suns cheerleader off the line to try getting his footing after missing the first three attempts, but to no avail for a score.