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Comenity bank (and some cards issued by Synchrony Wells Fargo).
Why Is This Useful?
If youve gotten the shopping cart trick to work on any other cards then please let me know.
Fee free American Express credit cards.I also think list of bachelor in paradise contestants its worth trying to get the Dillards card to have another fee free American Express card, although I havent been able to get that card to show recently.Whilst the shopping cart trick isnt a hard pull, its still a soft pull and if they are unable to verify your identity you will not be offered a card.Posted by, william Charles on June 21, 2017, there is something known as a shopping cart trick that can allow you to get store specific credit cards that dont result in a hard pull on your credit report.Youre automatically opted in, so unless you have manually opted out you wont need to do anything.Using this trick doesnt result in a hard pull, it will still affect your credit as these cards are reported on your credit report (which will decrease your average age of accounts).Below are a list of stores that Ive seen successful reports on this trick working.For people with good credit (and a high AAoA) then some of these cards might be worth considering for the on going bonuses.Because they dont do a hard pull on your credit report, they will not be able to see if you have any bankruptcies on file or other derogatory items.Unfortunately Comenity seems to only really have Visa cards so youre pretty restricted in using this trick for that, but Dillards is a card that this trick works for that has an American Express version.Continue going through the check out process until you get to the final payment page.Choose to accept your offer, complete the application, make sure you enter your information in the same as its displayed on your credit report.
Credit limits on these cards are extremely low, usually 500 or less.
Some threads from there you might find useful: PFDigest.

Comenity bank usually uses your Experian report.Final Thoughts These methods arent going to be for everybody, but if you have bad credit and want to get some positive trade lines reporting this might be an alternative option to a secured credit card.Id recommend these posts: Are there any blog posts or forums / threads which you think I missed?Has the most information on the shopping cart trick, things you can do to improve your chances and pretty friendly forum for newbies as well.Only works on cards issued.These cards can be used for Small Business Saturdays and some American Express sync offers.You can request a credit limit increase and they usually give automatic credit limit increases if you put any decent amount of spend on the cards.Comenity Bank Store Credit Cards, most people find Victoria Secrets one of the easiest cards to get using this method, Ive also had a lot of success with Overstock as well.Stores That This Trick Works With.You should receive your offer before this page, if you havent then either the shopping cart trick isnt working or you need to try again.A lot of these store specific cards offer bonuses to cardholders to encourage them to use the cards or shop at the store.
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Some of these websites ask for your full SSN when applying for the store cards, whilst others ask for your last four digits.