miller lite mail in rebate 2014

Now is the time to maximize awareness and interest, but as I came across these two examples this week, I kept thinking: at what cost?
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I bought two and sent in the original receipt and the form that I printed from this page on my printer.Medic2midwife 2 1,390 kylie 921 9 1,898 Another PG Rebate lvmyhubby2001 1 1,130 Walmart Hamburger Helper/Hamburger rebate NOT rec.This is how we know craft beer is winning.Miller Lite is now looking to capitalize on the drunk pics 20-somethings feel obligated to post on Facebook and Twitter: This ad doesnt condone binge drinking, but it feels a little shady that MillerCoors is cool with capitalizing.Mizzbec 5 2,372 Palmolive Facebook rebate mizzbec 08:12 AM by mizzbec 5 1,695 PG rebate help!S skbrush :44 AM by kali86 1 2,091 Fekkai MIR princesslexirae 12 2,768 game store cheap laptops P G Rebate?Blue Moon and Leinenkugel are certainly very popular to begin with, so it seems like a good move to offer drinkers even more incentive to pick those brands.Page 1 of Threads in Forum : Refund Chatter.Its because if you look around, you can see signs of wavering confidence in Big Beers marketing.Yet greendaisy 01:33 PM by mizzbec 15 2,338 Clearing House in Cinnaminson,.J pdunaway7 0 1,235 Question about P G after coupons amount Squishypig 2 1,253 7/14 received 20 McNeil gc and 10 Dial Rewards gas card 1littlemiracle 5 1,932 Rebates are Rolling in TaurusGirl2001.
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Twitter almost exclusively supplies selfies with bottles or cans of Miller, so that seems harmless.Millennial consumer base, its a little disappointing to see a company sinking to that level, even if its only one part of a variety of marketing efforts across all mediums.(NC only) aidan logansmommy 24 2,052, redd's 10/25 Total in store 4 identical offers for NC keylimepie 17 1,917, miller lite online rebate 3/6 soda qsaver 3 852 25/50 Miller/Coors Rebates, NC residents!These rebates are only good for purchases in New York by state residents, which is why its the first time Ive seen them.However, if this tactic seems familiar to you, it might be because cigarette companies have been doing it for years.All this is very timely as we move into summer, a time when consumers are predicted to spend 11 billion on beer.But you also get some gems like these: and people hijacking the hashtag to highlight their personal causes related to alcohol: Either way, those embarrassing pictures Miller Lite is seeking are synonymous with being drunk and if thats what it takes to engage with the.Views 25/50 nbpr Miller Lite Mail in rebate NC VA only monkeydawn 2 6,523 surra2 29 4,303, miller Coors 25/50 Grocery Rebates, online submission, no form needed.Embrace Your Drunkenness, planning a big night with your friends?Drink to enjoy life.
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