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You'll also need to keep an eye out for the Household Enquiry Form, which is sent out every year to check people are registered to vote, and dream big art contest must be sent back to avoid a how to promote products on twitter possible fine.
The student is still exempt but because there are two non-students the house has to pay the full 100 charge.
Who lives upstairs/next door?Sharers agree to give 10 hours of help a week, and must spend the majority of evenings in the home.Other types of tenancy do exist but they're far less common.But if you're a lodger and you have a separate tenancy agreement for your room, you'll need your own licence.Fortunately, the free app Acasa (formerly Splittable) makes a less stressful job.Plus it may also order the landlord to pay you up to three times the deposit's value.Always check letting agency fees If you rent a property with a letting agent, always check for any extra fees or charges first, and factor 'em.Check cupboards underneath sinks are dry.

M mortgages » 50 Tips for Renters, get Our Free Money Tips Email!Most landlords should be happy to take a bank transfer or cheque.You usually need to be 18 or over, in full-time employment with no criminal record.Generally, this means you're unlikely to need building insurance if you're renting.The answer simple mobile promo code 2017 to this depends on whether you have a separate tenancy agreement for your room, or a joint tenancy agreement with others you share with.To find them, ask at your local DIY store, or try searching for 'picture hanging strips' on Amazon's DIY Tools section or eBay.