meet taylor swift contest 2014

The contest was put on by Kiss 108FM and required fans to vote on who they thought was most deserving of the honor to meet the former Conor Kennedy flame.
13 and at her Los Angeles home on Oct.
If you're looking to get in even deeper with.How has it felt to suddenly be labeled by the Internet as the "creepy 39-year-old"?It's so much more than an dollar car rental discount codes costco album release at this point.Swift has even been teasing the contest on her personal Instagram so you know it's huge.Have you ever entered a contest like this before?My friends took it and ran with.The people of the Internet demand it, and who am I to cheat them?All on their own.More stories like this ONE.I know I have seen them everywhere.

10 cannot come soon enough.Residents only, aged 13 or older, with grand prizes of a trip for two that includes airfaire, hotel, transportation, 500, concert tickets and meet-and-greet passes.Plus a Taylor Swift prize pack.Well, one guy Photoshopped my face on Stalin.The unconfirmed rumor is that the contest was canceled because one of the leading contestants turned out to be a 39-year-old man whod been ushered to victory on the back of a 4chan and Reddit campaign.Subways got you covered.These numbers can become even more inflated with the use of Internet bots, which automate tasks, such as voting for someone to win an online contest, at a much higher rate than an individual person can.But to answer your question, no, I had no idea.I love America too much to get behind that.What are your plans now as far as the Taylor Swift show?Perhaps most notably, Swift previously worked with Papa Johns during.
Things seemed too good to be true for Swift's teenybopper army until a 39-year-old man beat them in Reddit and 4chan online votes.
At one point the leaderboard was 50 happy 13-year-old girls, then theres a picture of me, hungover, in my bathroom.