masquerade party contest

It all depends on the number of entrants, what they do on stage, and the scoring by the judges.
If you enter as part of a group, you may not enter as an individual.
If your track exceeds the time limits (see rule 2 it will be truncated (cut off at the time limit).This is a family show.Their two 500 awards are: The Art Directors Guild Cosplay Award for Original Concept Design, presented to the entry most exemplifying a wholly original concept.That you wish, as long as there is no profanity.Q: Can I use pyrotechnics, flash paper, smudge pots, or smoke machines?The theme for the convention is "Ports of Call so let your imagination run wild!We will accept a maximum of 35 registrations via online entry.Once held only for the upper classes, masquerade balls date back to Venice, Italy in the 15th century at the beginning of the Renaissance movement where art, beauty and the imagination reigned.FSC masquerade costume performance competition.A: During the pre-contest set-up, the Director will assign a Masquerade volunteer to a group of contestants.
One entry per person.

Any contestant who violates this rule will be removed from the stage immediately.For dessert, consider a chocolate fountain and serve cubes of cake and strawberries on the side.We award a "Best in Show" to the best non-Master entrant.Basically, the judges score all entrants, the scores are logged into a spreadsheet, and we check the tallied scores for the highest total scores.Props will have to be carried on and off the stage by the contestants.BE sure YOU understand THE rules listed above AND BE aware OF THE most important rule OF ALL hmrc refund scam text that contestants should understand DO NOT bore THE audience.On the exit side of the stage, there will be another ramp - and two Masquerade volunteers to help contestants down and direct you to the backstage area.
You must remain at the registration table to learn if your CD will be able to be played during the show.
There is no pre-judging session.