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Dont forget to press save to confirm.
Keurig.0 wont turn on, to turn on your, keurig.0 plug in the brewer, then press and hold the power button (the power icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen).
Remove the water reservoir and empty the water.
The water reservoir is placed properly and there is enough water in the reservoir;.You might like the Ninja coffee bar or Nespresso Vertuoline capsule machine.Keurig.0 wont brew / Keurig.0 not dispensing water.Keurig.0 problems, how to set up Keurig.0 brewer.If nothing happens after this time, then make sure that:.Heres how to clean exit needle on Keurig.0.When finished, get a clean cup and use your food discounts near me brewer to make coffee.You can either use a paper clip or the maintenance accessory (the little orange tool) that came with your brewer.Make sure that there is enough water in the reservoir and refill if needed.To restart press Power button.
As the last step, Keurig even recommends resetting your homes circuit breaker just in case.
If youve done everything right, there was enough water in the reservoir, you didnt move a carafe or lift a handle after youve set the auto on, the enable box was checked and you didnt forget to press save, but it still doesnt work then.

You will find a step-by-step guide in your manual and its important to follow all the steps correctly.You can also remove and place the reservoir back to the unit to make sure its placed properly.If nothing works, then you should definitely call Keurig customer service.Customer service help is available 7 days a week.Place a mug on the drip tray, open and close the handle without inserting the k-cup, select 6-ounce setting and press brew.Carefully open the handle, take out the pod and clean the exit needle.Press zoosk promotional codes 2014 save to confirm and then use back to return to the settings menu.Remove the water reservoir and discard the water.If this doesnt work either, the only option is to call Keurig support.But, please pay attention to how often this happens.
Heres a list of the most common Keurig problems, along with some solutions for fixing them.