lucky dip jackpot winners

Mr and Mrs Dawes hit the EuroMillions jackpot on only the third time the couple had played the lottery.
The win will enable us to spend more time getting involved as well as give financial support.
They say they have no idea what they're going to spend the rest of the cash on, but imagine staying in south.He had to hide the ticket away from his aunt's pet dog, Sandy - who he said likes to eat bits of paper.The life-changing prize pushed the Mr and Mrs Weir, who had been husband and wife for 30 years, into the Sunday Times Rich List.Not according to Dr John Haigh, emeritus reader in mathematics at Sussex University.Wales, in a bigger house, and buying a holiday home in Barbados.Mrs Bayford said: "I checked the numbers on my phone, the TV, the internet - and we just looked at each other and giggled.".Richard said: I always keep our lottery tickets in the kitchen drawer so I took a break and went online to check the results.With every draw, the probability of all six coming up is always the same, 1 in 45 million.OK then, ditch them, thats what Eric Tarry, of Fakenham, Norfolk, did in 2008 when he momentarily forgot the numbers that he had been using since the lottery began.Anonymous: 84,451,320, the EuroMillions jackpot of May 2010 was won by a lucky ticket holder but the winner kept their identity secret.They didn't tell their neighbours.She planned to marry painter fiancee Matt Topham, 22, in September following their lottery win.
After forgetting his usual numbers and choosing a random Lucky Dip, he will never need an overdraft again.
Describing the moment he realised he had won, Mr Sibbald said: 'I was staying with one of my relatives and I checked the ticket and shouted to my aunty 'I've won the lottery' and we checked the ticket again and again.

Tonight, the lottery jackpot, after 14 consecutive rollovers, is expected to reach a record.8m a sum so big that under lottery rules someone, somewhere, has to win.Theyll come up one day, wont they?Willie Sibbald, 48, from Edinburgh, matched all six numbers on his Lucky Dip ticket for Saturday's Lotto rollover draw, scooping winnings of 7,084,472.Here are the top 10 winners on the National Lottery Rich List:.After his win Mr Page said: "Im going to treat myself to a new car, winutilities free edition download I think, because Im a white van man."My daughter lives in Abu Dhabi and every week after the draw she would come on Skype and say 'have you won yet?' and I would say 'next week!I looked first at the two Lucky Stars and noticed we had those.The mystery winner, who has not claimed the prize, will be worth more than Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe (50m) and Skyfall singer Adele (30m).
Our local community is really important to us in particular helping young people in the area.
Yorkshire couple Roger and Lara Griffiths won.8m in 2005.