lucky dip craft ideas

1, Pom Pom Christmas tree.
4, Pom Pom Garland by Wool The Gang.
3, Pom Pom ice-cream cone garland.
A festive DIY by New York blogger.I only have a preschooler and baby so have no idea what primary aged children would like so would really really appreciate any ideas.Seashell Beeswax Tea Lights, enchanted Bubble Blowing Wands (Tutorial).Home Lucky Dips Toy Packs, our website has been optimised for the latest version of Internet Explorer.Alternatively, call or email, tick this box to stop this message appearing again.Our preschool has been offered a table at the local primary school christmas bazaar.To place an order on our website you will need to update your browser, which you can do by clicking.6, Pom pom twig bouquets ; attach to the wall or arrange in a vase.How about fixing mini poms with bobby pins.Heidi roll for the best hair do ever!Pinterest 12, pins 49, followers, alternative Christmas trees Idea Box by Miriam.The game is a board with straws if you pick a long one you get a dip in the lucky dip if it's short you get a sweet.They need to be cheap as we were hoping to charge 50p (ish) to have.Lucky dip box / bran tub fetes birthdays carnivals fundraising.9, Pom Pom bookmarks.

Not sure discount amazon echo if this is the right topic, but couldn't think where else to put.5, Use as party hat toppers.2, Pom Pom Cupcakes as ornaments, attach to the wall or they will make the cutest gifts.7, Pom Pom throw (ideal for use of our.Pinterest 38, pins 90, followers, ideas for items for the lucky dip at a Waldorf Steiner school fair.Spruce up pound shop party hats in a jiffy!
10, Pom Pom paperclips rainbow stationery at its best!
My question is what sort of prizes should be in there?