league of legends mystery skin giveaway

What are the exact restrictions on the gift?
Can I still get a gift?
Surprise yourself with an early holiday treat this year; check out Mystery Skins on 29 November!Imaqtpie comments, best EU Jungler Gilius the Humble shows his dominance.Well, from 29 November through 2 December, youll be able to do precisely that with Mystery Skin!(100 Not Bard) * Leaving the game, going AFK, loosing connection for more than 3 minutes, flaming or using cheats will clean sweep carpet cleaning lead to your lose.Any currently available Mystery item purchased between now and the end of the event will count.Mystery Chest - 790 RP, mystery Skin - 490.Thorin's Thoughts - Bjergsen's Winner's Mentality (LoL) comments, this Draven ultimate sounds like the super mario theme comments trick2g pops off and doesn't marlboro promo codes for free stuff 2012 yell at all 33 comments, imaqtpie showing why he's the best ADC.As with the first round of Mystery Gifting, you'll only unlock skins for champions you own.
Even if I purchase six Mystery Chests or Mystery Champion Gifts, do I still get a Mystery Skin for my bonus?
To mark our first decade as a company and show our appreciation to you for building the game alongside us, were throwing a (small) celebration.

Edit2: only for EUW players :P Sorry eune edit3: riot please g edit4: 2 Winners now!:P 1 skin left!The better you synchronize with me the more chance you have to win skin.Getting an S-Grade in aram is way too hard comments perfectly timed jhin ult comments, presence of Mind Kass is Balanced feat.If youre ineligible for Mystery Champions as well, well give you 490 RP, the full price of a Mystery Skin.Heya, I am giving away 3 mystery skins.We cant wait to see where we go next.You can win mystery skin only if you will satisfy me in game.During the Harrowing, many of you asked if you could send a Mystery Gift to yourself.
Theres nothing more to say beyond thank you.