kitchenaid rebate upc code

I have read several complaints about this, repairs will be the Thermal Fuse or Control pannel, caused from overheating during the cleaning process, Kitchenaid replies that is it not a defect?
We bought a new Superba dishwasher for 1,400 including the extended warranty.
Free Food Grinder or Ice Cream Maker Attachment Rebate.
Is this some kind of game these people are playing?When we replaced it in June 2005, I could not get a Bosch with the necessary dimensions and features I needed.To receive the 5-quart glass bowl or food grinder, you must send in the official rebate form, or a copy of the form, which is located here, the original UPC code from the stand mixer package, and the original or a copy of your cash.Today I received a postcard proclaiming that I "DID NOT" send in a copy of the UPC.So very disappointed because that's how they try to make customers buy their #.I can't help but think they have dealt in bad faith and that they are aware of their bad design and the fact that there is virtually no access to the coils underneath and threfore the need for special cleaning equipment.I have no recourse, I am screwed as well as my postage.Get rid of it and buy a new unit.I will never buy Kitchenaid again and warn you not to either.They send parts blake griffin 2013 slam dunk contest to your door and expect you to know it is the right part and inspect for problems.18 months old and the electronics have totally failed.
If the form is incorrect your UPC is invalid too!

Their credibility as a company is going downhill.Grand appliance was no help either!Reply I sent everything needed for the rebate and was denied for this reason "Submission did not include any valid original KitchenAid UPCs".I did this and explained everything including that I had the box and could send a picture of this and the mixer.The third flowerama coupon code time massage envy gift certificates it made a very loud thumping noise which was very worrisome.I think its a scam!