is sweepstakes alert real

Instead, she won the winchester discount audio biz opportunity to enter the sweepstakes.
But every day, people lose thousands of dollars to prize scams.When you go to the website and enter your personal information, youll also be asked to sign up for trial offers offers that leave you with recurring monthly charges.The FTC doesnt oversee sweepstakes, and no federal government agency or clothing giveaway images legitimate sweepstakes company will contact you to ask for money so you can claim a prize.A closer look reveals Smith's ticket wasn't an instant winner.Your notice was mailed by bulk rate.There's a booklet in the mailing that explains the rules.An entry is free and winning is free as well.About Contests and Prizes, who doesnt want to win something?It never requires payment to receive winnings."You just really gotta be careful Smith warned.

Buy me who are the contestants on the voice 2016 another vehicle Smith said.You may be told to wire money to an agent of Lloyds of London or another well-known company often in a foreign country to insure delivery of the prize.Telemarketers are legally required to tell you the odds of winning, the nature or value of the prizes, that entering is free, and the terms and conditions to redeem a prize.Smith thinks that could have been more clear.You also might check it out with your state attorney general or local consumer protection office.Here are some signs youre dealing with a scam: You have to pay, legitimate sweepstakes dont make you pay a fee or buy something to enter or improve your chances of winning that includes paying "taxes "shipping and handling charges or processing fees to get.Keep in mind that many questionable prize promotion companies dont stay in one place long enough to establish a track record, so if no complaints come up, its no guarantee that the offer is real.You have to deposit a check theyve sent to you.In fact, the majority of our millionaire winners never ordered with their winning entry Irving explained.
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Theres also no reason to give someone your checking account number or credit card number in response to a sweepstakes promotion.