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David is a marketing professional with international experience in public relations, advertising, event management, and strategic business collaborations.
She says her hunger and passion push her to succeed and she puts maximum effort into everything she does.Using her experience gained in Finance, IT and Telecoms Industries she has helped two companies re-structure their sales teams to create a new aggressive productive sales force during their most challenging times.He is a self-proclaimed charmer but doesnt think he needs a USP ll bean december daily deals to win; consistency and sincerity will put him ahead.Bushra Shaikh (BBC age: 34, occupation: Owner, Clothing Company, lives: Surrey, key information: Shaikh is owner and designer of her own modest fashion label, creating luxury apparel for Muslim women.Now, as the first episode airs tonight, we meet the class of 2016 who claim they can turn Lord Sugar's 250,000 into millions.
I dont know what Im basing this xcel energy rebate nest on, but I think Michelle is going to be very annoying.
Kieran enjoys golf and socialising and has recently taken over a section of a family business.

She says she is a true sales person and not a Celtic Tiger exceeder.She says: I am incredibly hard working, driven, and I'll stop at nothing to get what I want.Cahal would describe himself as a dedicated and focused individual with a unique history of work and academic experience. .Higher Level than what though?He says: The best survivors in the world are the people who adapt, and Im the best at adapting.Young Niamh was born in Wexford.
Niamh McDonald (23) Wexford, Marketing Coordinator The second of this years Niamhs, she is our youngest female contestant.
He also believes that he is the type of guy that will try everything in order to get things done.