how to win things on ebay

Use 1-Click Bid to place small bids.
The "or Best Offer" option is tagged onto some Buy It Now listings.
But Gixen is a great way to snipe a few times and see if its worth investing.Remember that sniping isnt a guarantee of anything it might save you a few bucks here and there, but its not likely to get you a 1,000 item for 10 bucks.When I have, I've often gotten junk.Day 5 Current bid:.50; Minimum next bid: 11; Max: Jill, up.50.Using Gixen is really easy.If your bid wins, you must buy.Here's how it works: eBay continues to automatically bid on behalf of whomever is the highest bidder at the moment, up to and including their maximum, until auction time runs out.When a snipe bid wins an auction, whoever was previously in the lead to win can feel like theyve been cheated.Top of page How to Find (Search for) Your Item How to Find Anything Research the Seller How to Read a Listing Using Your Watch List The Progress of a Typical Online Auction What's It Worth?Computer Auctions And Why eBay May Not Be Your Only Option.These articles are in order.EBay Bidding Is a Mishmash of Opportunity The combination of automatic bidding, auction sniping, secret maximums, and a large portion of users that either don't know about automatic bidding or prefer to use one-click bidding means that eBay bidding is a mishmash of different strategies.3.) Buy-It-Now prices are usually just pipe dreams by the seller, but if you see what you want at the right price, buy it now because it can go away even as you're clicking.
When you win an auction you always actually pay only a small amount more than the next highest bid even if your bid was thousands of dollars more.

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EBay doesn't advertise it much, though it is described in eBay's help pages.And check out some of the tools for using it effectively.Fast Summary, all the parts of this series of articles are related, so read all the pages when you can.As this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use.When time is up, the item is declared "sold" to the highest bidder.There is thus no way to know "how much is enough" to "just barely" free giveaways rp outbid them.With 15,000 direct employees at eBay, you had better believe that eBay does everything it can to ensure people pay as much as possible, as often as possible, for things sold on eBay.
It can take a certain amount of experience on eBay to really get a feel for how it all fits together, but in the meantime, beginners shouldn't hesitate to jump in and have fun.
I'll also cover selling over eBay.