how to sweep floor without a broom

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This long-handled broom has a long, flat head, attached on an angle to a wooden handle.
That's an easy DIY.
Sometimes you dont need a 3-foot wide broom, especially in close quarters.You must consider: What is the project or task at hand?Search, add New Question, what do I do if I don't own a dustpan?Like others, it has soft outer bristles big money sweepstakes combined with tougher inner bristles to sweep away fine particles such as sawdust or heavier debris such as that canister of screws you accidentally dropped.What are the cleaning boden 10 gift voucher materials being used?But selecting the right cleaning tool isnt just about choosing between a broom or a brush.Click here to share your story.Vacuuming a hard floor is not necessarily quicker, easier, or more effective than sweeping.If you choose to vacuum instead, make sure that the beater bar or brush roll (the spinning brush in an upright vacuum cleaner) is turned off or lifted up off the floor.The best push broom for the money will depend on what youre cleaning up as well as how you plan to use.The only real drawback is that you have assemble the Super Sweep yourself.What is the surface being cleaned?Check current price Quickie 00533 Bulldozer 24 Push Broom (discontinued the biggest advantage of the Quickie Bulldozer is the light weight.5, work your way around the room, collecting the debris into a small pile or piles.
Each is designed for a specific cleaning need: Brooms: Corn broom.
Brooms are inexpensive, and because they rely on elbow grease instead of technology, there is no fear of your broom breaking down in the middle of cleaning day.

While its great for fine particles, youll need to look elsewhere if you need to sweep heavier debris such as gravel.For large, indoor floors, such as a gymnasium, store, or office building, try a dust mop.Libman 18 Multi-Surface Push Broom (discontinued for cleaning up heavy debris, the Libman Multi-Surface Push Broom is an excellent broom.If youre into woodworking, this is one of the best investments you can make for easy cleanup. .Not only will making the right choice save time when cleaning up, but it will also increase efficiency and produce better overall results capturing debris rather than simply pushing it around.If dust or powder are a cleanup problem, the soft bristles of the Super Sweep will make the task easier for you, and that equates to saving you time.WikiHow Contributor, you can use a vacuum to suction up the dirt.
WikiHow Contributor, you can use a towel and make a hole in the center.
It is one of the most durable push brooms on the market, which means that you will not have to replace it every few months.