how to prepare salary voucher

M/S XYZ limited, journal voucher, voucher.
attendance voucher GO in the vouchers Press Ctrl F5 (Fill the attendance of employee).Address, dividend voucher, dividend for the month ended payable to holders registered on Date of payment Holding: 1 Ordinary Share, dividend Rate: 2,250 per share.X.10.15 as advance, debited to Salaries Expenses Account instead of Staff Advances Account.You can download a salary slip template here for free into your computer for later modification as needed.For prepaid and outstanding expenses, the copy of payment voucher whenever the same are paid.Amount in words: Rupees Sixty Thousand Five Hundred only.Illustrations An amount.20000/ paid.To do this it is best to assume you are going to incur a tax charge of 25 on your profits.Here is what those minutes should look like: Minutes of a meeting of Directors of Company Ltd held at Registered Address on Date.Now we offer you our well prepared and nice salary slip template.Illustration: M/s XYZ Limited purchased a car from M/s Delhi Motors for.650000/ as per their Bill.220 Date:.03.15 particulars amount.While preparing the journal vouchers, the accountant must keep the following points in mind.At present time Tally is one only most popular accounting cum inventory software that handles the day-to-day all routine operations of any business unit very effectively.This slip is issued by the employer to the employee after completing the one month.

Points to be Kept in Mind for Preparation of Voucher.Pay head type Earning for employee.Dear Friends, To day we are discussing on How to prepare Pay slip, Payroll report in Tally.Companies and businesses use salary slips to have an accurate idea about how much money has been paid to employees as salaries.As per the instruction given by the company concerned, any amount can be transferred to other companys account.Both companies belong to same management.A vital business document used by companies and business establishments to present employees at the time of salary payments is recognized as salary slip.Then from the remaining profits you can pay yourself a dividend.
(C) Same Create HRA or other earning total.
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